Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jesus Is Better Than Superman

As a kid, one of my favorite superheroes growing up was Superman. I loved how he can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, and even was could not get hurt. Our culture loves Superman because he represents a kid in all of us. This week marks the release of the Superman reboot called, "Man of Steel," which has a lot of people talking. Some of the behind the scenes documentaries have stated this is a modern Superman which may leave some die hard fans going comic book righteous.

The question on my mind is why does our culture embrace Superman. Could it be the lone survivor of a distant planet appeal that his creators were looking for? Could it be the fact he has superpowers that we all wish we can have? (I would love to fly). Maybe its the fact that he saves lives without any regard for his own well bring even though almost anything cannot kill him.

Regardless of why we love Superman, the fact is he is one of the most lovable comic characters in America. Many people say he is some sort of Savior. While he does save lives and does some great heroic feats (all fictional), Jesus makes a better Savior and better Superman. I am not saying Jesus was God in disguised as a man like Superman was disguised as Clark Kent. I am saying Jesus is a better Superman because Jesus did, does, and will do a lot more saving than a fictional superhero will. Here is why Jesus is better than Superman:

While Superman saves lives that are only temporary, Jesus saves souls that will last forever to be in the presence of God for all eternity.

While Superman flies all over the world, he is not everywhere. Jesus is omnipresent. He sees all, knows all, and even intercedes for us on our behalf to God the father.

While Superman hides in secret until the world needs him, Jesus does not want to be kept a secret. He wants His gospel spread to the ends of the earth until He returns to rule and reign on planet earth.

While the story of Superman is told over and over again in movies, books, TV shows, and movies, some elements of the story will change to appeal to today's audience. Jesus' story is told over and over again but it never changes. TV shows and movies may add some dramatic elements, like the recent Bible mini-series on the History Channel, but the Bible is the one place we can read the story of Jesus that will never need to be rebooted.

While Superman was saved by his parents before his homeworld was destroyed then raised by two humans as their own, Jesus came not because Heaven was about to be destroyed and him need to be saved, but Jesus came to save us because we are on the path of destruction because of our sins.

While Superman is fictional, Jesus is real.

Yeah, I know I am writing about how Jesus is better than a fictional superhero, but I think a lot of people in our culture look for some kind of savior like Superman. The problem is people are looking in the wrong place. In fact, I originally titled this post, "Jesus is a Better Superman." Then I realized that Jesus is not a better Superman, Jesus is better then Superman.

While the new Superman movie maybe fun and entertaining and the soundtrack is awesome (Hans Zimmer did the music), Jesus is a better Savior because His kingdom will be forever and the story of Superman will be not around for all eternity.

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