Friday, May 1, 2015

Around The Web-May 1, 2015

Why We Need a Gospel-Centered, Missional Church by Joel Lindsey

It Is Insane to Kill Humans Because of Their Cognitive Abilities by John Knight

Top 10 Questions the Supreme Court Justices Asked on the Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage by Justin Taylor

What should the church expect as same-sex marriage moves forward? by Aaron Armstrong

Answering Objections to Christianity with a Consistent Christian Life That Honors God by Dave Jenkins

FDA Approves California Company to Reduce...Double-Chin Fat? Our tax dollars at work.

Barnabas Piper has the latest Definitive Pastor Scouting Report

Okay, how many of you are excited about Batman V Superman coming out next year or am I the only one? Anyway, the trailer looked really cool and maybe Ben Affliack will do a good job as the Caped-Crusader. Speaking of the trailer, another one came out but this time animated based on the classic animated series that was popular in the 1990's which, as far as I can tell, features the voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman.

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