Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: The Complete 101 Collection by John C Maxwell

When it comes to leadership books, one of the authors that comes to mind is John Maxwell. He has been called the leadership guru. I have known many church leaders who have read his books and have benefited from them in leadership development.

Maxwell has been in several leadership conferences whether it is for businesses, churches, or even a city-wide banquet. Wichita Falls, for a couple of years, has hosted a leadership banquet where Maxwell was the keynote speaker, which, unfortunately, I was unable to attend either one of those two banquets.

His books has been New York Times Bestsellers and he even has a study Bible with his name on it. This book, The Complete 101 Collection, is probably the most unique of all his books because, as the title states, it is a collection of books put together into one volume.

The 101 series was released in the early 2000's which featured different topics of leadership. Those areas are attitude, self-improvement, leadership, relationships, success, teamwork, equipping, and mentoring. Each book has their complete chapters. All eight books are short but put them together and you get one big volume like putting all three Lord of the Rings books.

If you are in some kind of leadership roles, these books might be some benefit to you. I know they will work in the business world. What about the church? That depends on the church. Even though there were some Biblical references in this book, there were not that many. Some churches will gladly welcome anything that John Maxwell wrote which there are some good things he does write about. As far as leading under the power of the gospel, there is nothing to go on in that area. If you are John Maxwell fan, this book is for you.

Thanks BookLook Bloggers for letting me review this book.

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