Monday, July 27, 2015

More Christian T-Shirts You Should Avoid

I has been a while since I have posted Christian t-shirts that you must avoid wearing. Please hear me out that I am not against Christian t-shirts all together but there are some that you just simply say no to. If you get one as a gift, make sure you get the receipt. So after a search on google, I have found some Christian t-shirts that you need to avoid wearing.

This t-shirt looks like the logo from The Home Depot which means no creativity. Also, "You Can Do It" is from the Waterboy and is just opening the door for being made fun of by your peers.

I love Batman, but why would you want to promote Jesus as your Superhero by using something that looks like Batman's costume. Jesus is the Light of the World while Batman is the Dark Knight. Light and darkness do not go together. Bad idea.

Once again, taking images for the Angry Birds and trying to make it Christian is a bad idea. Not only that but blue bird looks like he has passed gas and is relieved.

Once again, Christians think that using movies in pop culture will help communicate a Christian message. This t-shirt uses the Hunger Games which means they take what is in the movie and Christianize it. This is your edition of "At The Movies."

Finally, one I have to say is something that someone in a hipster church might wear. Where do people come up with this stuff? Is God awesome? Yes. He is awesome period.

My point in talking about these t-shirts is not simply just avoid wearing them which you should anyways. The point is some Christians will wear t-shirts like these and think they are promoting the gospel. That is not true. The only thing it builds up is curiosity. The gospel need to be communicated with words from our mouths not the cute designs and sayings on our t-shirts.


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