Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review: It's Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke

Have you ever grown up hearing about something that you believed until you heard that maybe you heard it wrong? We all have in some way or another. Growing up watching the old Three Stooges films, someone told me that Curly Howard died when an elevator cable broke and he fell to his death in the elevator. It turns out that is not how he died.

Some of you are probably wondering what does this have to do with Jefferson Bethke's new book, It's Not What You Think. The simple illustration from my misinformed childhood is an example of things that have been taught about Christianity that we may have gotten misinformed about. Some of you are going are thinking there are a lot of areas the church has gotten wrong over the years.

Bethke takes a look at the greatest story of all time which is the gospel and how we have been given a half gospel in some circles. We have forgotten that the gospel starts in the garden of Eden and makes it way to the cross of Christ. Bethke takes a look at Jesus coming the flesh which means that God became a human being who lived among us at one time. Christianity is not a future experience but a life to live right now and for all eternity and the Kingdom of God is here but not fully consummated.

Bethke does give theological truth in the book and does cite the Bible but not in a way that would make this book as go-getter when it comes to teaching Christianity to new believers and even those who are skeptical of the faith. I did not feel this book getting my attention as his previous book did. It seems little rushed and going all over the place. Not saying this is a bad book, but I think the material could be presented a little more clearer.

Thanks Booklook Bloggers for letting me review this book.

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