Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Review: The New Pastor's Handbook by Jason Helopoulos

There is excitement in the air when a new pastor comes to a church. Not just for the church, but for the pastor as well. The new pastor comes in with fresh ideas that reality hits when he begins to wonder what do I do next. Sure you can go back to your training whether it is through seminary or learning from another pastor, but a lot of times pastors need a little help as to what to do next.

Jason Helopoulos a book to help out a new pastor in his new church called, The New Pastor's Handbook. It should be noted that this book is not just for the preaching pastor. This book is also for those who are youth pastors, an associate pastor, and even a church planter. Helopoulos gives encouragement for pastors starting off into what needs to happen as they start their new ministry as well as some pitfalls for young pastors.

Each chapter is short and to the point which for some ministry books that is not common. One thing I want to address is Helpoulos assumes that every pastor who reads this book has had some form of seminary which can be a discouragement for those who have never been for whatever reason. Also Helopoulos writes with a Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) background so some of the things he has written may not apply to those who serve in a Baptist church. Overall, this is a wonderful book and every new pastor should have two copies, one for themselves and one to give a new pastor in another church in their city.

Thanks Baker Books for letting review this book.

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