Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Future is in God's Hands

As some of you movie lovers are aware, today has been designated as "Back to the Future Day," where Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to this day in "Back to the Future Part II." The movie showed flying cars, hover boards, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. Many of the things mentioned in the movie have not happened especially the one about flying cars.

Earlier today, there was a video with Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown saying the things in 2015 were not as they predicted which means our "future has not been written make it a good one." While Doc Brown maybe speaking on a choice level, the people of God can have confidence about the future because it has been written. Not by us or script writers, but by a infinite, sovereign God, who knows all including the future.

God, in His grace and providence, has given us a glimpse of the future in the book of Revelation where nations will be gathered around the throne declaring His praises. We also see Jesus returning to consummate the world and make all things new. Christians know the future because it is in God's hands even when we don't understand it at times.

We will never know what day Jesus will return or what will happen in the world in the next decade. Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:33) which he echoes what was already said in the book of Proverbs where will never know what a day may bring forth. Yes, God knows the trials we will endure and even the bad decisions we will make. Nothing catches Him by surprise.

The future has already been written since before the foundation of the world. Even though it may not be how we want it at times, we know the future is in God's hands and He made it a good one.

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