Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Service

Most churches will have a Christmas Eve service this Saturday as well as a Christmas Day service. Many people are making plans to attend these services and church staff are working to make it a God-honoring service. The question that might come up is this: Should we skip Christmas Day service since we went to the Christmas Eve service?

This is a tough one to address because there are some churches that already have a Saturday night service that is the same as their Sunday service for space and give people who work on Sunday a change to worship with the body. Most churches do not provide a Saturday night service, as is the case of my church, but we will have a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day service. So, I am speaking in the context of those churches that normally don't have a Saturday night service, which I know is an area of disagreement for a lot of Christmas because the Lord's Day is Sunday.

Again, the question is should we omit attending service on Christmas Day, which is Sunday, because we attended a service on Christmas Eve, which is Saturday. My answer is no. Here are some reasons. First, the services will be different. If our Christmas Eve service will be like years past, it will be a candlelight service as is most other Christmas Eve services. There may be a short sermon or devotional, but nothing expositional.

Second, there will be more visitors in your church on Christmas Day. Lets face it, Easter and Christmas services see more people than any other service in church. Most people do consider them holy day more than others which is not the case for any true believer in Jesus. This is a chance to connect with people you may have never met as well as other church members. Plus, it will be a good thing to invite friends and neighbors to attend worship on Christmas Day.

Third, it is still a Sunday. Christmas Day is on a Sunday as was the case five years ago. Yes, it will be tempting to sleep in and enjoy being with family. However, on Christmas Day you get the joy of being with your church family and worship the Lord on Christmas Day.

Finally, it will encourage your pastor and elders. Your pastor is bringing a God-honoring sermon for us to remember what this season is all about so it will encourage his heart to see you worshipping the body.

Yes, attend a Christmas Eve service and a Christmas Day service. As I said, I can't speak for all churches because each one is unique. I know for my family and I, we are looking forward to attend both services. If your church is doing both, attend them. If your church is doing only Christmas Day, please attend that service.

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