Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Journey Through A 3 Year Bible Reading Plan

This week marks the end of a three year Bible reading plan that I got from Tim Chester's blog. It has been a great experience and sometimes a little challenging. If you are considering a Bible reading plan, this is a good one. Let give you some reasons why:

First, you read the Bible at your own pace throughout the week. If you have a traditional Bible reading plan, you have to read one or more chapters a day, which is not bad. With this reading plan, you are giving a week with the book and chapters you are to read. For example, in the first week, the reading is in Genesis 1-11. It does not tell you read chapters 1 and 2 on Monday. With this plan, you read the chapters for the week at your own pace.

Second, in addition to having a weekly Bible reading at your pace, it is flexible. Sometimes, life get a little chaotic and you might, unintentionally, forget to read the Bible. Don't fret. You will have time throughout the week to catch up even if you have to go onto the following week to catch up.

Third, it doesn't go in book order. Most Bible reading plans have you start in the Old Testament and don't even hit the New until toward the last quarter of the year. There is nothing wrong with that by any means. This plan starts with Genesis then to Matthew and back to Exodus. You could say, it does go all over the place, however, I do love how this place goes from the Old Testament to the New and back again,

There is one disadvantage, you might get done before the weekend especially if you read in big chunks. If you follow the plan, and finish before the weekend, the temptation is the feeling that you don't have to read the Bible the rest of the week. There is a way to combat that. Here is what I did, find a book of the Bible and study it. Read it slowly and take your own notes verse by verse in a journal. It will rewarding as your grow in holiness.

Now that I have talked about this three year plan, if you want to engage it, you can print it or download it here

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