Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year That Was 2016

Today marks the end of 2016. For many, they are praising God while other are wondering what the heck happened this. 2016 has seen its share of crazy things. The 2016 Presidential Election comes in mind when we think about all the things that happened this year. Many are still talking about it even though its has been nearly two months since America voted for a new president.

We also saw what is known as Brexit where the United Kingdom has voted to withdraw from the European Union. One of the most spectacular things that caught a lot of sports fans off guard is when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. In addition, we saw the NBA Finals and World Series won by teams that overcame a 3-1 deficit.

Perhaps the one thing that will be remembered about 2016 are the deaths of celebrities. It seems like every month we hear the news about the death of a celebrity, whether an up and coming star or an iconic one. On Christmas Day, singer George Michael passed away. Two days later, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher died after suffering from a heart attack four days prior. On the following day, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie's mother, dies from a stroke as she was making arrangements for Carrie's funeral.

While these things were making CNN and Fox News, there were some things that did not. Those things also included the suffering people had endured. I know for me this has been a crazy year. I had an uncle and aunt died within a month from each other who have been married for almost 60 years. My uncle is also my mom's last living brother. In the beginning of the summer, we had air conditioning problems, which I think the Lord we had Home Warrenty Insurance because it would cost us an arm and leg to get it repaired. We also had some medical issues, nothing major and a few car repairs.

I know these things I listed are nothing worth comparing to the suffering you or someone you know is experiencing. Maybe a death in the family, divorce, or even lose of a job. As crazy as 2016 was, this year is no different than any other year. This is a fallen world and will continue to be screwed up until Jesus returns to consummate this world and make it as God intend it.

What 2016 should reminds us is that one day there will be no more pain or sorrow. There will be no more broken appliances or vehicles (I don't if those things will be on the new earth but you get the idea). We will not have crazy news headlines or elections that are train wrecks.

To word it like John Piper, the year that was 2016 is just a footnote in history.

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