Thursday, December 22, 2016

What If Your Church Is Not Having Service on Christmas Day?

Christmas is this Sunday and there will be some churches that will not meet for worship. As much as that saddens me, it should not be a surprise. Maybe you are part of a church that decided to skip worship on Christmas Day altogether. What should you do? Here are a few suggestions:

First, let your church leadership know your disappointment. It might be too late for them to change their mind, but let the pastors and elders know how disappointed you are in not attending worship with them on Sunday. Do it in a way that does not seem threatening and please don't say we will change churches. Threats don't solve anything.

Second, attend a church that is meeting on Christmas Day. I know what you are thinking, I just said don't threaten your church's leadership on changing churches and you are correct. What I am saying is take your family and friends to another church that is meeting on Christmas Day. God says we must honor Him above all, not our pastor and elders even though we are to submit to them in leadership. Don't think about attending that church as means to see if this would a better body for you. Go there to worship Christ.

Third, pray for your church and its leaders. Pastors and elders are human. They will make mistakes. Not having a service on Christmas Day is a mistake. Pray that your pastors and elders will come to the realization on what they have done. Be ready to forgive them when they confess and forgive them now. Pray for your fellow church members that their hearts will break that they are not celebrating the birth of the Savior on Christmas Sunday.

Finally, pray for your family and yourself. You might be fighting the tendency to find a new church, but you believe God has called you to that particular body of believers for reasons that will bring Him glory. Pray for what God will have you to do in service to the body. Maybe God will lead you to bring about change when it comes to decisions like these. What if your church does not change in this area and even does more questionable things? This is where you once again talk with the leadership and pray for what God will have you to do. Don't give up on His church.

I know there has been some controversy over tweets that have been posted saying if your church does not a service on Christmas Day, find another church. That is not the purpose of this post. There are better ways to handle this situation than just leave a church. As a I said, don't give up on the church you are a part of. They need you and you need them. Are there times where you need to leave a church? Yes, there are, but that is not the purpose of this post.

I pray you worship Jesus this Christmas whether with your church and if that is not the case, please seek a church that will worship this Christmas Sunday. Then return to your church and pray some changes will happen.

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