Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review: The Gospel & Adoption

The Gospel & Adoption is another book in the "Gospel for Life" series which has been edited by Russell Moore and Andrew T Walker. In this book, we see the beauty of the gospel as it relates to our adoption as sons and daughters of God and how the gospel applies in the ministry of adoption. Each chapter is written by different authors which the similar format in the other books in this series.

The first chapter written by David Prince is all about what we are for in the context of adoption. Russell Moore, who has adopted children himself, takes a look at what the gospel say in regards to the Bible and our identity in the family of God in the second chapter. In chapter 3, Randy Stinson looks at how Christians should live and their response in adopting children. One thing that is mentioned in this book is that not all are called to adopt, but all Christians are to support those who seek adoption. Why should we do that? All who believe in Jesus have been adopted by the family of God through the finished work of Christ.

Chapter 4, written by Jedd Medefind, deals with how the church should engage in the ministry of adoption, which comes in various forms. Finally, Jim Daly and Kelly Rosari write on what the culture thinks about adoption and even shared some adoptions stories.

Adoption into the family of God is one of the more beloved doctrine in the Christian faith. We were once fatherless, but now we have a Father. There are children in the world without a family that need a home just as we once were without a home (spiritually speaking). Christians should celebrate when children are adopted by members of God's household. One of our elders has two daughters that he and his wife adopted from China. We recently had a family adopted three kids into their already growing family.

The Gospel & Adoption shows us why we should embrace adoption, whether we adopt children in our home or support families who are adopting. Not all Christians are called to adopt, but we are called to care for orphans.

Thanks B&h Publishing for letting me review this book.

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