Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review: 90 Days in John 14-17, Romans, & James by Tim Keller and Sam Allberry

There are some Christians that think that having a devotional book take the place of Bible reading and sadly some devotionals are written that way. There are not many devotionals that will encourage you to read the passages it is covering and ask questions over what you have read. That is not the case with Tim Keller and Sam Allberry's devotional, 90 Days in John 14-17, Romans & James.

This devotional gives you the passage it is covering and gets the reader to actually read text. For about two or three pages, you are engaged in a Bible study where you reflect on what is being read. At the end of each devotional, you have a whole page where you can write notes, prayers, or other thoughts in what you have read.

Keller and Allberry do a great job in leading the reader through the pages of the Bible. This book is not meant to take the place of deep Bible study, but to give everyone a taste in reading and studying the Bible on a deeper level. I like how it is formatted where you respond to the questions being asked and write down notes. I am looking forward to see more devotionals like this one.

Thanks Good Book Company for letting me review this book.

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