Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: God Among Sages by Kenneth Richard Samples

In today's culture, many people have compared Jesus with many religious leaders. Others have even said that Jesus is a step above the rest but was like any other religious leader. There are times when others have tried to disapprove the Biblical Jesus by saying he was just a good man who died for a noble cause.

Kenneth Richard Samples examines the claims of Christianity about Jesus and also tests them in comparison to some key religious figures in his book, God Among Sages: Why Jesus Is Not Just Another Religious Leader. The book begins with Samples looking at the Biblical and historical claims portrait of Jesus Christ. He starts off with looking at what religious leaders and organizations say who Jesus is. Next, Samples looks at Jesus's awareness that He was God. Samples took passages in Scripture that showed parallels between Yahweh (the Hebrews name for God the Father) and Jesus. Samples goes on to address Jesus's life as God incarnate along with the characteristics He displayed on earth.

Samples then dives into the one of the most critical claims of Christianity and its importance, the Incarnation. This doctrine separates Christianity from all the others because no other religion holds that their god became a man. Samples addresses challenges throughout the centuries regarding who Jesus is.

There are four chapters in this book when Samples takes four key religious leaders to see where they compare and contrast to Jesus. Those leaders are Krishna, Gautama (Buddha), Confucius, and Muhammad. The book concludes with looking at the world religions through a Biblical point of view.

I felt Samples did an excellent job with this book. With some many in our world thinking Jesus is just like other religious leaders, this book will be a useful tool in equipping the saints.

Thanks Baker Books for letting me review this book.

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