Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Review: Everything You Wanted To Know About God (But Were Afraid To Ask) by Eric Metaxas

Many people have questions about God. The church has tried to answer all of them as best they can. There are times when we don't everything about God except with what He has revealed about Himself through the pages of the Bible.

In the church, people still ask their questions about God. They do this so they get to know God better and want to witness to their friends as best as they can. However, there are some questions people want to ask about God, but just don't want to for various reasons.

In his book, Everything You Wanted To Know About God (But Were Afraid To Ask), Eric Metaxas takes questions people have about God and answers them. This book is a lot different from other books that answer questions about God. The format of this book is where Metaxas is having a conversation with someone. The person asks the question while Metaxas gives the best possible answer.

Some of the questions addressed are can anyone proof God exists, what about UFO's & aliens, is God against us having fun, and is Jesus the only way to God? Metaxas answers them as best as he can as if he was in a open conversation with someone. Granted there are times I felt he could have gone into great detail in some areas. This book is mixed with a little humor, which seems to get lost in the conversation at times.

Should one this book as means of apologetics or witnessing? It wouldn't be my first choice.

Thanks Waterbrook Multnomah for letting me review this book.

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