Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter Is About Jesus

One week from today is Easter Sunday. Some families have already picked out their spring outfits to where. Some probably have planned Easter egg hunts with friends and family. I hope and pray one thing many will consider is attending a healthy church service on Easter Sunday.

Why did I say a healthy church service? There will be some churches that will preach what makes Easter important to Christians while others will preach on something else. Some church will preach about the Resurrection, while proclaiming it is not because the Bible says so. It is important to remember why Easter is important and its not about a mutated bunny rabbit with a basket full of candy.

Easter is about Jesus. Easter is the day we embrace that Jesus was resurrected from the dead after dying on a cross in our place for our sins three days earlier. Easter is about what God did through the finished work of Christ on the cross and the vindication for that work through the Resurrection.

Easter is a celebration of what God did through Jesus. If you are planning to attend a church that is not preaching on the Resurrection on Easter, go to another one. Be part of the celebration we have been celebrating for years. Granted, we should celebrate the Resurrection every day, but we need to celebrate it all the more on Easter Sunday. Easter is about Jesus, not us.

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