Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review: Getting The Gospel Right by R.C. Sproul

The gospel is the most important message the church has to offer yet it is often misunderstood or miscommunicated. We have false gospel being preached on a daily basis. There is the prosperity gospel, the social gospel, and even the gospel of self-worth. These may sound Christian only because it is coming from a "pastor" who is "preaching."

R.C. Sproul talks the importance of knowing the gospel and how there unity in the gospel, in his book, Getting The Gospel Right. Sproul wrote, "The truth of the gospel must be maintained for Christ's sake and our own...In the gospel we meet the One who is our hope in life and death, and by the gospel we acquire a hope that will never leave us ashamed." The gospel is the message that does not make much of ourselves, but makes much of Jesus. This is why we must get it right.

The book begins with Sproul looking at the unity within the gospel and also defining when a church is not a church. Next he looks at the message of justification and our need for justification. He also address the basis for our justification, which is important because many in the church still believe they are the captain of their own souls. Sproul takes time to address some issues that people have with justification, which is by faith alone. He talks about the Catholic view of the sacraments and baptismal regeneration.

Sproul then concludes with his last section on explaining the gospel message. He shows us God's power to save us followed by the importance of Christ's incarnation and His perfect sacrifice. The last chapter in this section is about trusting in Christ, which is our confession of our need for Christ and truly embracing His finished work on the cross.

The gospel is the one message that Christians need to get right. We have so many false gospel that I am not sure if someone hears the true gospel, they can truly say, "This is the gospel." Sproul does a great job in explaining the gospel and its importance.

Thanks Baker Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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