Monday, July 31, 2017

Why This Blog Exists And What Is Changing

Before I begin, I just want to thank everyone who takes time to read Keeping The Main Thing. I know there are many blogs out that are better written by people a lot smarter than I am, but you chose, whether you have stumbled upon it or click on a link, to actually engage in what is being shared. My number one goal is always honor God and make much of Jesus through this blog.

Why did I start Keeping The Main Thing? I started it because I wanted to share Christ-centered material to as many people as possible whether it is through my words or someone else. I also wanted to help people whether they are in the church or not to understand what Christians believe and confront false teaching as best as I can. My hope is this blog does not replace the local church you attend or the elders that God has placed in your life. The main thing is Jesus and His gospel.

As most of you know in this blog, I written various posts on a variety of subjects from theology to ministry. I have also taken the time to read books from various authors and publishers, which I have given a review of each of them. I know some of them are not as detailed as you would like to be, but that is one thing I hope that I will improve on. I also shared quotes from books, video clips, and entire sermons because I want the gospel to be spread as much as possible through Keeping The Main Thing.

What is changing? About a year ago, I decided to have at least a post everyday on the blog. I also started a new segment called Podcast Wednesday so that you can hear discussions on various topics. You may not have agreed with some of the discussions, which there times I did not but thought the discussions were interesting. These two decisions have led me to believe that maybe I am doing a little too much on the blog and on social media especially if I am in a busy season.

One segment that I have is Around The Web where I share articles from various websites, at times a book sale, and a video or two. That has always been a popular segment which normally takes place on Friday. From this point going forward, Around the Web will no longer be a Friday only segment. There will be either two or more Around The Web segments each week (Lord willing), which will also include links to podcasts. That means Podcast Wednesday will be combined with Around The Web going forward. For you Music Monday fans, where I share a music video or an album, that will not change as of now (in fact there will be one later today).

There will still be various articles, book quotes, book reviews and video posted on the blog, but it may not be everyday. One day I am going to stay away from is Sunday, not because I am a strict Sabbath observing guy, but that is the Lord's Day.

Once again, thank you for reading Keeping The Main Thing. I pray this will continue to edify you and glorify the name of Jesus.

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