Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review: Enjoying God by R.C. Sproul

For those in a relationship with someone, one of the most essential things is getting to more about that person. You want to know what makes them tick. You want to know their likes and dislikes. As you spend time with that person and get know him/her, the more you get to enjoy that person. For married couples, this is a continual ongoing process. For my wife and I, there are still things we are learning about each other which makes it all the more enjoyable of being with her and getting to know her more rather than knowing just facts about her.

Many Christians know things about God, but they don't really know God. They hear sermons about the Lord, but they don't take time to read the Bible for themselves to see what He is like. There is nothing wrong with knowing things about God, but there is a problem when you know things about Him and have no fellowship with Him. R.C Sproul has written a book, which was first published in 1989, where he writes about the attributes of God called, Enjoying God.

If we are to know more about God and enjoy the fellowship we have with Him, we first must know who He is. Sproul says that not only must we get to know God, but our response would be service to Him. Often times, people will ask if God made everything who made Him, which Sproul has a chapter dedicated to answer that. To put in simple ways, no one made God. He is self-sustaining and self-sufficient. He has been here since the beginning and will be here at the end.

Throughout the remainder of the book, Sproul goes on to write about the attributes of God. He addresses that God is the holder of all truth. God is immutable, which means He never changes. God is also One who loves us unconditionally, who is a Just Judge, and the One is all powerful that He holds us in the palm of His hand.

This book maybe labeled a theology book, but Sproul's intended purpose was for all people, no matter how educated they were, would read this book and understand more about who God is. This is a delightful book to added among the other books on the attributes of God.

Thanks Baker Books for letting me review this book.

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