Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book Review: The KJV Know The Word Study Bible

The KJV Know The Word Study Bible seeks to aid its readers in breaking the books of the Bible down in easy to understand study notes and articles. What the publishers want to do is take those who just read the Bible to becomes better students of the Word. They seek to assist the reader in three areas. The first is book by book, which is notes seeking to get the main points of each book of the Bible across to its readers.

Second, we have verse by verse, which is basically study notes at the bottom of the page like a majority of Study Bibles. However, when I think of verse by verse, I thought they were going to have a note for each verse of every book of the Bible which they did not so the verse by verse concept seems a little misleading. Finally, there is topic by topic. There are various articles that are addressed in this Study Bible as it relates to the particular verses that topic is being addressed.

Like other Study Bibles, this one does contain a book introduction for each book of the Bible. However, they are not a very detailed nor in depth as to authorship and dates of the book. Of course there is a concordance and maps in the back of the Bible. Since it is a KJV Bible, the words of Jesus are red-lettered, which I think that might be some kind of rule.

For a Study Bible that says "Gain a greater understanding of the Bible," I felt it was lacking a lot. There were fewer study notes than I expected and I was hoping for a more detailed Study Bible. While there are a few, which is not a lot good qualities to this Study Bible, I won't be recommending it.

Thanks Booklook Bloggers for letting me review this Bible.

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