Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity by Jeremiah J. Johnston

Growing up, one of the most interesting comic books that I read was the "What If...?" series from Marvel. What this series was about was taking a popular story in Marvel Comics and ask what would happen if this situation happen such instead of the original outcome. It was an interesting take on how certain stories in Marvel might have happened if some their famous stories ended differently.

Jeremiah J. Johnston does his own version of "What If...?" with Christianity in his book, Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity. Johnston serves as president of the Christian Thinkers Society and is a professor at Houston Baptist University. In this book, Johnston takes a look at what would happen if Christianity never had the impact it did on the world.

The beginning of the book discusses what the world was before Christianity. A world full of suffering and fear. As I read these chapters, it was a very historical approach to the world before Christ came. The next part of the book deals with the "What If...?" factor. What would the world look like if Christianity never happened. How people would still be in slavery, not just in their sin, but physical slavery. The world would be more influenced with the thinking of men like Adolf Hitler and more.

The final chapters of the book deal look what impact Christianity has made in the world. Jesus came so that we may the abundant life that God has blessed those who are called Children of God. Christians have made a significant impact in their world around them and have even stopped some of the great injustices of our world.

As I read this book, there were some parts I liked and others I was asking myself, "where is he going with this?" I felt there was a lot of jargon and not a lot of depth into a book that looked at what would happen if Christianity never came into the world.

Thanks Bethany House for allowing me to review this book.

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