Friday, February 2, 2018

Spurgeon Journal

Over the years, I have had many different forms of journals. I have had them in spiral notebooks and simple journaling books. I will never forget my wife getting me a Batman journal along with one of the Joker and I took those to church as I wrote down thoughts during the sermon. Some of you may have a journal of some kind whether it is one that has Bible verses on the bottom or just lined pages.

How would you like a journal that was easy to carry on almost every page was quotes from Charles Spurgeon? Sound great, right? B&H Publishing has released a journal that is exactly that called the Spurgeon Journal. This is not a book, but it does contain quotes from Spurgeon's early sermons.

This journal has 140 pages of lined pages which can be used in anyway you wish. You can use it to wrote notes during the sermons. You also use it in your own personal Bible study time. You can even put memory verses in it. There unlimited possibilities with how to use this journal from your benefit and God's glory.

As mentioned, there a quotes from Spurgeon's early sermons in this journal. Here are just a few of them:

No man can be a Christian who does not pray.

The people of God should be about their Father's business.

It is absurd for a man to say that he is born again and yet live just like those who are dead in sin.

I am delighted to recommend this journal for every believer and encourage you to use it.

I received this journal from B&H Publishing for the purpose of review.

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