Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: High King of Heaven

Paul told the Philippian church that he wants to know Christ and the power of His resurrection (Phi. 3:10). Knowing Christ is the greatest joy that a Christian can have. It is greater than watching your favorite sports team win the championship, marrying your spouse, seeing your kids born, and even seeing the most beautiful sunsets.

Knowing Christ is the utmost importance for any Christian. For us to know Christ more fully, we need to look into the Bible to show us who Jesus is. Many claim to know Christ, but their thinking is not in accordance with scripture. John MacArthur has edited a book that addresses who Christ is and what he does. The book is titled, High King of Heaven: Theological and Practical Perspectives on the Person of Christ. Many have called the study of Christ, Christology, which is what this book does very well. MacArthur's goal is to the readers of this book how glorious Christ is. He wrote, "The more you know Christ, the more you reflect Him. So, knowing Christ is critical to our existence as Christians." This book is not geared to increase your head knowledge of Christ, but to help you know Christ.

MacArthur has gathered many theologians and pastors to each write a chapter in Christ. Some of those theologians and pastors are Mark Dever, Steven Lawson, Ligon Duncan, Paul Washer, and H.B. Charles, Jr. The sections of this book include chapters on the person of Christ, the work of Christ, the word of Christ (the gospel), and the witness to Christ.

Each writer uses biblical sources to support the claims he is writing in each chapter. What surprised me is that for a book on Christology, the chapters are not very lengthy, which is a great thing. Too many times, theological books can feel like the author had to write a long chapter just to get all the right words in, which is not a bad thing. This book, the chapters are a not short, but they are easy to read, which for those who are new to the faith and want to know Christ, this book is ideal for them as well as any believer who desires to know Christ. You can also say that each chapter is a sermon written in book form.

High King of Heaven truly showed us the biblical Christ. Filled with sound teaching and gospel-centered theology. I highly recommend this book.

Thanks Moody Publishers for letting me review this book.

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