Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book Review: Moses and the Burning Bush by R.C. Sproul

The book of Exodus is the story of how God miraculously saved His people from captivity in the land of Egypt. Exodus is also about how God used one man, Moses, to lead the people out of slavery. There are many famous stories throughout the entire book, but one that always has fascinated people, Christian or not, is the story of the burning bush. In Exodus 3, Moses saw a bush that was burning yet it was consumed. R.C. Sproul dives into this story in his book, Moses and the Burning Bush.

Sproul begins by stating the burning bush has been a significant symbol throughout the history of the church. The reason for that is God has revealed Himself to Moses through this burning bush. It signifies an encounter with God and His divine revelation. Sproul writes, "The account of the burning bush is a story about the holiness of God." In the Bible, we see Moses removing his sandals after the Lord commanded him stating he was standing on holy ground.

We see in the burning bush that God came in and revealed Himself to Moses, which echoes the entire Bible. The Bible shows us a God who comes to His people who are naked and shameful because of their rebellion. God always takes the initiative to rescue His people just like in the Garden with Adam and Eve, which is He about to do again in the Exodus, which this book by Sproul only covers the encounter Moses had with God through the burning bush.

In the book, Sproul dives into the context of the story of Exodus that leads up to the burning bush. The people are in Egypt and in slavery. Pharaoh ordered for the male children to be killed by the midwives who refused and God blessed them for that. Moses grew up as the son of Pharaoh's daughter who then kills an Egyptian after he was mistreating one of the Jews. He fled after he learned what he has done was not a secret to Midian where he married one of the priest's daughters. Throughout majority of the book, Sproul teaches on the attributes of God through Moses's encounter with God in the burning bush.

One final word Sproul leaves is that the Exodus is a shadow of the mission of Christ. We see Moses leading his people of our slavery in a foreign which foreshadows Jesus leading His people out of slavery from sin. So when we read Exodus, it should always show us what God has done though the finished work of Christ.

This books serves as a great companion to anyone who is studying and/or teaching on the book of Exodus.

Thanks Reformation Trust for letting me review this book.

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