Friday, July 13, 2018

Book Review: Christianity At The Crossroads by Michael J Kruger

History is a very important subject because it shows us who we once were. Hopefully, people will learn not to make the same mistakes as people did in ages past. Church History is very important to the body of Christ because it shows how the church became what it is today. Many think Christianity was a huge phenomenon as it is today, but that wasn't the case in the second century as Michael J Kruger points out in his book, Christianity At The Crossroads.

According to Kruger, Christianity was still in its infancy during the second century. It was still considered a new thing. It did not have any cultural influence. It was weak and even finding itself fighting for life, which does sound like a lot of new things that start off in our day and age.

In this book, Kruger takes a look at the world of the second century and how the church was living in it during that time. As mentioned earlier, they were still trying to crawl like infant. They were still trying to figure things out as far as what their worship looked like. They did not even have Bibles like we have them in the 21st century. Kruger points out that everything that was taught in the church and what the people believed was only by hearing. They did not follow the preacher with a Bible or an app like we have today. The church of the second century had to listen to the words being preached. This is also true with any writings that Christians did in the second century.

Speaking of writings, we also see the beginning of discussions in the church about what are the appropriate books to be placed in the Canon. Of course, this wasn't finalized until the third century. We also see the rise of false teachers which is nothing new for Christians in the second century or the 21st century. One particular false teacher that Kruger talks about is Marcion. He is the one who does not believe in the authority of the Old Testament and that the God of the Old Testament and New Testament are two different beings. Marcion wanted Christians to unhitch the Old Testament from their faith. Does this sound familiar with a popular pastor's teaching today? I think some of you know who I am speaking of.

Church History is an important topic because we see what the church dealt with in days of long ago and how it affects Christians today. We see that Christianity today may face new challenges which is no different than centuries past. Christianity At The Crossroads is an excellent book to look at crucial time in the history of the Christian church.

Thanks InterVarsity Press for letting me review this book.

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