Monday, July 2, 2018

Concerning The Rest of the Summer

First of all, I want to thank of you who has visited "Keeping The Main Thing" over the years. My hope is that this blog has honored Christ and edified you in your walk with Jesus. I am still committed to produce gospel-centered material and speak Biblically in certain situations when the need arises.

I also hope all of you are enjoying your time during the summer months whether it is spending time at the pool, family vacations, or going to see a movie. I know for some of you this is a busy time as it is for me, which brings up my announcement.

The next couple months are going to busy for me. So, starting today, I will not be posting new material as often as I have been. It does not mean I have stopped blogging, it means you may see one or two posts a week, which also means "Music Monday" and "Around The Web" are temporarily suspended.

I will continue to be on social media so I am not totally disconnected from everybody. My hope during this time is to rest, read, and get refreshed. I am hoping to return to full time blogging in September (Lord Willing).

I hope the blogs that I do put out during this time will honor Christ and encourage you. There will be a few book reviews (still like to know how I have talked myself into so many as of late) and other Christ-centered teaching.

Pray for me as I take time to enjoy time with my family, get refreshed, work hard at my full-time job, and serving God in the church body that I love.

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