Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Review: Is God anti-gay? by Sam Allberry

Homosexuality has becoming an increasingly difficult subject for the church for the past couple of years. It use to be where pastors preach on homosexuality as sin, the church would say, "Amen" and majority of lost people would shake their heads at the thought of being gay or even being associated with a homosexual. Now, pastors who preach on homosexuality would be labeled as homophobic or even hateful, and lost people love their gay friends without judging them. Countries are now legalizing gay marriage as well as a few states in the United States which is something not even thought of in pop culture when I was growing up.

What makes the issue of homosexuality disturbing are the number of pastors and teachers say that being gay is okay and even made "the excuse" that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. So, what do the Bible say about homosexuality, but more importantly, what does the Bible say about sexuality in general. This is where Sam Allberry comes in with his little book, Is God anti-gay? , which is part of a series of little books entitled, Questions Christians Ask by The Good Book Company.

This book starts off with talking about what the Bible says about sex and marriage. Allberry says that Biblical marriage was to reflect the nature of God and how a man and woman come together as one in their sexual relations with each other. Next, Allberry discusses what the Bible really says about homosexuality quoting the most common passages on the subject. He even addressed the controversy about Jesus not mentioning homosexuality. While it is true Jesus did not say anything about homosexuality directly, he did mention it, which I agree with Allberry on this, indirectly. When the Bible uses the words "sexual immortality," the original Greek word "porneia," which is where we get the English word "pornography," it refers to any sexual act outside of God's boundaries for sexuality. Does it include homosexuality? Yes. It also includes pre-martial sex, extra marital affairs, and even incest.

The rest of the book deals with how an individual Christian should react to homosexuality as well as the church in general. Allberry even discusses how to be an effective witness to our gay friends which I think is needed in the church because some Christians still freak out when they find out their friends are gay and some churches have not responded well to the issue of homosexuality. Now answer the important question, Is God anti-gay? Here is what Allberry says:

Is God anti-gay? No.

But he is against who all of us by nature, as those living apart from him and for ourselves. He's anti that guy, whatever that guys looks like in each of our lives. But because he is bigger than us, better than us, and able to do these things in ways we would struggle to, God loves that guy too. Loves him enough to carry his burden, take his place, clean him up, make him whole, and unite him forever to himself.

This book offers a Christ-centered approach to a difficult subject for all to read without the reader feel this is a book of hate. It does offer hope for those struggling not just with homosexuality, but those struggling with any sexual sin.

Thanks Good Book Company for letting me review this book.

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