Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: Gospel Deeps by Jared C Wilson

Last year, I had the honor to review Jared C Wilson's book, Gospel Wakefulness, which was my top book for 2011. Once again I have the honor to review another book from Jared called Gospel Deeps. I had high expectations for this book considering how the last one left me at a loss for words. I have to say this book was no disappointment nor a waste of time to read.

Wilson begins in the book by saying, "My driving conviction in this book is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is big. Like really big. Ginormous, if you will. And deep. Deep and rich. And beautiful. Mulitfaced. Expansive. Powerful. Overwhelming. Mysterious. But vivid, too, and clear. Illuminating. Transforming. And did I mention big?" Many of us do not think of the gospel that way because we think of it that way because we believe that the gospel is the ABC of salvation as Jared puts in. In reality the gospel is the A to Z.

The purpose of this book was to drive believers to not only believe in the gospel but to live by the gospel. The problem with most Christian is they think the gospel is only for those who do not know Jesus. Many do not apply the gospel in their daily lives. Wilson says, "Many of us don't think of the gospel as applying to marriage or parenting or friendships or even to more explicity theological subjects the way other categories of information and skill-sets do. We're content to keep the gospel at an elementary level, assuming that we graduate from it, and the sad result of this neglect is that we thereby deny the 'grace upon grace' in the fullness of Jesus. There is only one gospel, as there is one Jesus, but there are many facets to this gospel, as there are infinite excellencies in Jesus."

This book continues on in looking at suffering, redemption, and the acts of the Trinity in their role for the salvation of a believer through the lens of the gospel. Jared once again gives us a great gospel-centered book that will make us fall on our knees and worship Jesus. If you want to go on a deeper level of your faith, this is the book to read.

Thanks Crossway for letting me review this book.

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