Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review: No Fear by Tony Perkins

With what is happening in our culture, I am sure it is easier to run and hide instead of tackling thing head on. We hear about Christians who own bakeries forced to make cakes for gay weddings, Christians who are flowerets force to pay a fine for refusing to service a gay couple, and pastors forced to hand over sermons because they oppose a city ordinance that allows gender-neutral restrooms. As I said, I would be easy to run and hide.

There are Christians in recent years who have stood up for the faith and against social injustice even though it did cost them. Tony Perkins has written a book about these Christians in his book, No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth. Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council which is about advancing faith and family in the public eye. Everyone of these stories have caught some attention in the media while there are others that got more attention in the negative sense.

Perkins writes about Lila Rose and her work against the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. There is Jason and David Benham who were about to start a new show on HGTV but it was pulled due to their convictions that marriage is between one man and one woman. Perkins also tells the story of Melissa and Aaron Klein who are the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The Kleins were forced to found guilty of breaking an anti-discrimination law in the state of Oregon and pay a fine that shut down their business.

Each story Perkins told is an act of faith for each person(s). They are celebrated for their courage and knowing they were doing this for the glory of God and standing up for Biblical truth. This book is not meant to scare people but encourage them. As we see things in our culture go against all things that is holy and godly, we can take courage knowing God is with us as he was with these people.

Thanks Waterbrook Press for letting me review this book.

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