Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Top 15 Albums of 2016

Another great year for music. I had a blast listening to as many new albums as I could and I am still discovering new ones as the year comes to an end. This list comprises of albums from different genres of music.

Instead of sharing a direct link to each album on a website, I will simply give you the album title and artist. If you an iTunes user, you can go there to purchase the album. The same with Amazon or streaming it from Spotify or Apple Music.

Without further ado, here are my top 15 albums for 2016:

15. Types & Shadows by Wolves at the Gate

14. God's Highway by Sandra McCraken

13. Facing A Task Unfinished by Keith & Kristyn Getty

12. The score from Captain America: Civil War by Henry Jackman

11. The Eternal Son by Rivers & Robots

10. Beyond Control by Kings Kaleidoscope

9. A Mirror Dimly by Citizens & Saints

8. Wild Heart by Urban Rescue

7. All Moments by The Eagle and Child

6. Psalms: Live by Shane & Shane

5. Awaken to the Sound by Future of Forestry (I highly recommend the instrumental album of the same name)

4. The score from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL

3. Long Live The Rebels by Disciple

2. Together for the Gospel III from Sovereign Grace Music

1. To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere by Thrice

As a bonus feature to this list, here are my top five new Christmas albums of 2016:

5. O Christmas by The Eagle and Child

4. Messenger Hymns: Advent by Matt Boswell

3. The Light Came Down by Josh Garrels

2. The Cradle by Frontline Music

1. These Christmas Lights by Matt Redman

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