Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Top 15 Books of 2016

If you haven't notice by now, I read a lot. I have read books that came out this year and some from previous years. I have read some many good books this year, so it was hard to make this list. After much thought, here my top 15 books I have read in 2016:

15. Get Real: Sharing Your Every Day Faith Every Day by John Leonard

14. Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development by Erie Geiger and Kevin Peck

13. Disappearing Church: From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience by Mark Sayers

12. Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray

11. Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen

10. Satan Cast Out: A Study in Biblical Demonology by Frederick S Leahy

9. Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus by Mark Dever

8. Christ All Sufficient by Brian G Hedges

7. The Imperfect Pastor: Discovering Joy in Our Limitations Through a Daily Apprenticeship with Jesus by Zack Eswine

6. Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love by Ed Welch

5. The Forgotten Fear: Where Have All the God Fearers Gone? by Albert N Martin

4. Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction by Caleb Kaltenbach

3. The Blessing of Humility: Walk Within Your Calling by Jerry Bridges

2. Unparalleled: How Christianity's Uniqueness Makes It Compelling by Jared C Wilson

1. The Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism, and Gospel Assurance by Sinclair Ferguson

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