Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Around The Web-February 28, 2018

Check out the Easter Sale happening at WTS Books

Wheaton College Wins Religious Freedom Victory, Will Not Be Forced to Provide Abortion-Inducing Drugs

Is Church Discipline Really Necessary?

Josh Buice's sermon from Reformation Bible College: The Local Church Is Not Plan B, C, or D—It’s Plan A: The Local Church Is God’s Will For Your Life

The Significance of Genesis 3:15 by Derek Thomas

Popcorn Theology discusses Black Panther

Dayton Hartman-Church History for Modern Ministry: Why Our Past Matters for Everything We Do from Equipping You In Grace

In What Way Will Christians Judge Angels? from Ask John Piper

Introducing Christian Breakup Lines and you might want to have a pillow on the floor in case you fall laughing because this is so good. I have watched this for a week and I am still laughing.

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